Heart of Our Home

heart clip art

Paper Dolls

Story at the Mill

Homemade clothes

Cleaning up spills

Truthful Heart

Wisdom Words

Washing Feet

Stories Heard

So many ways love was told

So many memories more precious than gold

Note: This was written a few years ago for Mother’s Day. It is a listing of memories of things my mother is and things she did for us as kids.

We had an old picture of a mill with a boy, girl and dog in it. She used to make up stories about the picture and tell them to us.

A lot of nights before going to sleep, after we were already in bed, she would come with a wash cloth and wash our feet. We slept better and the sheets stayed cleaner!

She would listen to our stories and adventures, and encouraged us in our dreams of the future.

I remember her playing paper dolls with us many times. She has a wonderful imagination and sense of playfulness. She was and is a wonderful mother and grandmother.

Even now, with her memory fading, she still has that sense of playfulness. Just this evening when my husband was playing the piano, she danced around a little to the music.

This poem only captures a snapshot, but to my sister, brother and me, it tells of a childhood well lived. Love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.


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