The wind sifts through the trees, harmonizing with the trill of a bird, not yet gone south.

The nearby creek thunders through the woods with a mighty roar.

October leaves dance, swaying from green to gold,  dipping into amber and orange,

blazing fire red against a scrap of blue sky that hovers just above the stately mountains.

The sun warms the crisp air and I sigh contentedly from my perch on the porch rocker knowing that at last

My October has arrived.



My October


7 thoughts on “My October

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  5. tanguerabeth says:

    That first picture is STUNNING! Did you take it? And may I use it as my desktop picture? (But only if you took the photo.) I feel a metaphor coming on too, so I may be asking whether I can use it in a blog coming soon to your neighborhood. Is “Orange Comma linked with StoneLeaf? I wasn’t following OC before.

    • I did take the photo. It was at Fairhaven The color in this copy has been enhanced. You can use it . All of my blogs are linked together for me, but I think you have to follow them individually. It tells me you are following now, so not sure about that. I need to post on it more often. I have it reserved just for poetry. It started out as my main blog several years ago and then I deleted all posts except poetry and made StoneLeaf my main blog. I just couldn’t abandon Orange Comma though. 🙂

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